and car care

About Company

"City Line" company supplies lubricants and technical liquids for different needs. We offer a wide range of high quality products for passenger cars, trucks, agricultural and construction equipment, motorcycles and for heavy machinery, working in difficult conditions.

"City Line" is a highly professional team of young, energetic people with years of experience and high corporate spirit. Business structure varies according to the requirements of time. Improvement of the quality of work at any stage of the organization is our main mechanism for company development.

We provide qualitative logistics by own vehicles, expand coverage area and increase the frequency of deliveries. Companies that specialize in express delivery also engaged for the efficiency of order fulfillment.

Our clients are auto shops, wholesale customers, automobile and agricultural enterprises, construction companies, industrial enterprises. Many of our customers are independent and authorized service stations and oil change points.

Our priorities:

We offer

A wide range of lubricants

of the following brands:

We provide:

Engine oils
and greases
Gear oils
Hydraulic fluids
Car care

The relationship with our customers is based on the principle of mutual trust, transparency and benefites. We understand the needs of consumers and provide them only high quality products of leading manufacturers. We’ll help you to save your time and money.

Great range of products always available!


Private Enterprise “City Line”
186 Shevchenka Street
Lviv – 79039, UKRAINE

Phone numbers:
+ 38 067 314-1550
+ 38 067 670-1772
+ 38 050 371-5350